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So I got a demo of Minecraft last night. Have you heard about this game? It’s the work of one man, a brilliant game designer from Sweden, and it’s completely blowing up in the indie-gaming world right now.

It is also unlike any game you’ve ever played.

Here’s a primer. It’s basically a giant planet-sized Lego set—with that same blocky aesthetic—but instead of choosing pieces from a collection, you have to make them all from natural resources. Chop down a tree and get wood. Dig in a cave and get coal. Put sand in your kiln and get glass. And so on.

It’s an open-world game with no score and no objective. Well: no explicit objective. It’s actually pretty obvious, once you get ten steps into this giant sandbox world, that your objective is to build an awesome house.

But it’s not just a big CAD program. There are some interesting dynamic (almost ecological) elements. Water flows freely, monsters come out to harass you, and fire… well. Fire burns:


Robin, have you seen Notch’s Meta-Gun Time Lapse video?
I blogged about it previously here:

Okay, probably the funniest thing I have seen and heard in some time. The poor guy. You could almost feel his heartbreak as his house was destroyed around him.

PoN says…

Penny Arcade is also hypnotized:

Mind=blown. This guy has built a functioning “physical” 16 bit logic circuit in Mindcraft that he can use to do addition and perform bits of logic. Get this — you do addition by lighting stuff with a torch and it burns through the logic gates and then you read the answer by counting in binary based on what is burning on the other side of the giant computer. Even better – he wants this to be a platform for others to start to build apps within the game on. WHOA! It is similar to what building computers was like 30 years ago. Hotness.

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