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13,000 characters

Here’s Pomplamoose with Ben Folds (!) and Nick Hornby (!!):

You know I love Pomplamoose, but you might not know that I love Nick Hornby as well. Specifically, I love him for the book that nobody else loves: How to be Good. I liked both About a Boy and High Fidelity tons, too, but it’s How to be Good that really did it for me—and of course at this point, I love it even more because I feel like it’s the diamond in the rough.


Ben Clemens says…

You may have a fabulous, glamour-filled existence, but *I* have an autographed copy of ‘how to be good’ I bought in islington from nick himself 🙂

I just watched the last episode of Cosmos tonight, and this reminded me of. 🙂 Also, I love their little random chatty bits at the end of that video. They’re adorable!

I share your love for How to be Good. I think it has the voice I like from the other books with a more profound set of themes.

Yup! I think you’ve hit it exactly, Bethany. How to be Good is super super subtle and deep.

Doug says…

I read High Fidelity on 5 hour flight. I knew I loved Hornby then. Then I got How to Be Good, and immediately added him to my “I will buy everything he writes, even if no one likes the current title” list. Songbook may actually have supplanted High Fidelity in my favorite books about music.

PS: I loved the lifehacker project for Annabel Scheme so much, you’ve secured a spot on the list for at least a while, Mr. Sloan.

PPS: Congrats Pomplamoose! Good on ya’

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