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Tales from the front

I’m enamored of this post of Kasia’s, where she reports on how it feels to have your brain slow and gel* during two weeks away from the internet:

My peripheral vision grew back, my field of focus going from a small, Mac Book shaped rectangle to the whole horizon.


The best antidote to internet addiction is reading novels.

*The brain of an internet-surfer or blog-writer has the consistency of a hyper-agitated gas. The brain of a novel-reader or deep thinker, by contrast, is a viscous jelly. And the brain of a bookservative is a cold hard stone.


This was the wrong post to laugh about when with friends at the coffee shop. “You don’t get it! It says bookservative!” isn’t a very impressive punchline to my friends.

Those are some of the best quotes about internet addiction (and normal, non-addictive behaviour) I have read ever! Bit sad, but I’m an addict and am convinced by brain is on its way to disappearing in a puff of gas 🙂

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