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Snark Couture

Fashion-blogging on Snarkmarket? Just this once. I’ve got to hand it to any men’s fashion site willing to unironically hand its 2009 Clothing Store of the Year award to Old Navy. The photos aren’t quite as lush as the ones at Uncrate, the copy lacks that Esquire sheen, and I don’t approve of body text in reverse type. But taste is the important thing, and Unrefinery has it in spades. I also like that it’s budget-conscious; I’m willing to spend a little on fashion, but you will never see me spend $60 on a reusable grocery bag, no matter how vegetable-dyed its leather straps are. Unlike some prominent men’s fashion sites I know*, Unrefinery seems to accept that a man’s outfit can be complete without a blazer. I don’t agree with everything – shorts have their place, especially during DC’s maybe-hottest-summer-ever. But for the most part, I approve.

And I’m getting this jacket.


You will totally rock that blazer, especially in caviar.

There’s something about the eminent practicality of men’s fashion magazines–even Esquire–that I long for in women’s fashion magazines. Men’s fashion magazines actually talk about cut and fabric, honing in on detail and functionality that makes me feel like I could actually glean some useful take away info despite being totally excluded from the price brackets. Women’s fashion magazines just leave me feeling poor, chubby, and stuck in an unglamorous workplace.

Here’s the thing about Unrefinery: the writing is borderline illiterate, the photography looks like it was taken with a broken camera, and if you like that sort of humour you are probably a terrible person.

Peace Out,
Editor, Unrefinery

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