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The other master class

Can I get a slow clap for Tim’s run over on Kottke this week? To my eye, it’s been totally true to the spirit of Jason’s site, but also very different from the kind of thing he usually does. Which is perfect! Why have guest-bloggers otherwise?

Also, like I said on Twitter:

Wow @tcarmody’s stint over at @kottke is turning into a Borgesian spectacle in which he connects everything to everything else in five days.

Unexpected: The thread of Islamic history. Also, videos! Lots of ’em! (I spent a few minutes trying to make a BYO remix with this Koko the clown cartoon but discovered nothing beats the native soundtrack.)

Anyway: here, I’ll get it started


It really has been a delight. A couple of times I’ve been nearly caught sneaking in my Kottkarmody fix during conference calls.

Tim Carmody says…

“Kottkarmody” sounds horrible, but it does suggest a couple of things I tried to do: 1) use the week as a sort of festschrift for Jason, pulling out his writing from different times, and 2) trying to pastiche all of the different voices and structures Jason used on the blog over the years, which (I tried to show) have been really varied.

Feedback on the stint has been pretty overwhelmingly amazing, although a disgruntled handful of people were upset about the posts being too long. Actually, even most of these people were nice, they just missed the minimalist master. Fortunately for me, though, the ones who weren’t nice can eat a bag of dicks.

I briefly considered “Carmodiskottke,” but I figured it was a bit of a stretch.

speng says…

No offense to Kottke, but I actually preferred your postings to his. Which is why I’m here, now.

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