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Master class

Psst. Matt is running a secret course on web media awesomeness over at NPR’s Argo Project. It feels kinda like a college class you’re not allowed to take yet because you’re only a sophomore and you don’t have the prereqs… but you sneak in and sit in the back row and take notes anyway, because this is why you came to college in the first place, to take classes like this! And the prof is so great!


I didn’t even realize his Argo project had *launched*. The local one on crime is amazing. So great.

It reminds me of something I always want on the blogosphere, but always always want when I (belatedly) find one of Matt’s blogs: a tool to wave over a blog and re-present it in CHRONOLOGICAL order. How can I make this happen?

Tim Carmody says…

The Argo blog probably set a record in moving from 1) initial discovery to 2) adding it to the “friends’ blogs” section of my RSS and then 3) getting switched to “_must reads” immediately after reading the first paragraph of one post.

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