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Wine and words

Look at this photo of (an approximation of) Gutenberg’s press that Tim posted over at Kottke’s site. Hmm, where did Johann get that neato screw? Sure is handy to have a piece of simple machinery that can exert pressure evenly across a flat plane…

It’s from a wine press! How great is that? The booming wine industry provided Gutenberg with one of the pieces he needed to hack together a printing press. This would have been on the cover of MAKE Magazine if they’d had it in 1440.


I wonder which was pressed first: grapes or olives?

Also of interest should be BBC’s The Machine That Made Us, hosted by the enviable Stephen Fry, in which he tries to recreate Gutenberg’s press with the technologies of the time.

It’s an hour of media/typography nerd bliss.

Hey, you cribbed that from Steven Johnson’s new book… 😉

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