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Financial fauna


Alexis Madrigal on weird emergent trader-bot behavior at the microsecond time-scale. I, along with every other science fiction writer in the world, am scribbling notes furiously.


I say it’s a guerilla art project created by a furtive coder at a high-frequency trading house.

Oh man. Now I want it to be that.

So. bad.

My brain saw “high frequency trading house” and read, for just a tiny fraction of a second, “high school raiding course,” and I too, desperately wanted it to be true.

“Algorithmic terrorism.” Such a good phrase.

Tim Carmody says…

I liked the idea, mentioned by one of the guys in Alexis’s article, that it’s one company introducing noise into the system, that they can discount for in their trades but costs everybody else time, money, & momentum.

In other words, the precise mean between sophisticated computational psy-ops and totally juvenile frat-house crank calling. What part of that recipe DOESN’T sound like a Wall St house to you?

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