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The coolest thing in the world right NOW

Alas, that last video didn’t get to enjoy the throne for long. A new champion, also from Kasia, of course—

It’s all about 0:20 to 0:50 or so. The lazy drifting camera and the soggy street-corner are so unexpected, and so great.

Actually, you know what, I’m missing the point here. What we need is for Luke and Remi and these guys to collaborate.


Zack Brown says…

Looks physically impossible….and is. Watch for around 1:32 when he moves impossibly fast. Watch the rain. The video is sped up. Great moves otherwise.

There is some time ramping, yes, but I don’t think it’s meant to be concealed. It lines up quite nicely with the musical phrases.

This video is shocking on its own but it shines like the sun in comparison to most jerking videos on YouTube, which are notoriously amateur (despite often displaying notable talent).

Yeah, I agree w/ you, John. The quality & subtlety of the production really stands out.

the RAIN. it’s beautiful.

Tim Carmody says…

I was finally able to watch this, by ramping the quality down from 720p to 360p. Verizon DSL, I curse your name.

You were able to access the internet through Verizon DSL? Kudos! Ours would go out anytime there was rain, snow, wind, etc.

I spent the first two and a half minutes worrying about that paper that fell out of one guy’s pocket. I really need to get a life.

Awesome. I didn’t notice it but if I had, I too would have been worried.

I thought this was pretty amazingly fabulous; I had no idea turf dancing was a genre. The flexible moves and urban setting alone reminded me of the classic Prabhu Deva dance Urvasi Urvasi, though of course the music is completely different (and relatively de-emphasized in the Yak Films video), and Urvasi Urvasi is a movie song with many cuts and scene changes. Kinda makes me wish I could make a Bollywood style movie that was set entirely in Oakland.

That would be something I would really love to see, Saheli. Those movies are so colorful and bright, I think it would go well. *cough*Kickstarter*cough*

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