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The outboard brain

Looking up old references on brain science (for reasons that will become evident in time), I found this post from last year, about the committee of the self, with some ace comments from Andrew, Tim, Saheli and Matt Penniman.

There’s also this post from February about computers and chess players working not against each other but together. Reading it again, I felt the same thrill I felt the first time; jeez what a huge idea. Human/computer teamwork has such huge (completely unfulfilled) potential. Not interaction; teamwork.

I haven’t been using Snarkmarket as a notebook and reference as much, or as deeply, as I should. There’s some good stuff in here! (I was inspired to go through our brains tag by Tim’s recent archive spelunking. And I haven’t even looked at braiiins yet.)

One comment

I still like that “consciousness-as-printout” metaphor: I use that sometimes. I also like the blooming, buzzing, no-URL-reading confusion that is Robin’s mind.

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