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Champion of the Shallows

This link is being gen­er­ated by a Snark­mar­ket bot pro­grammed to iden­tify and auto­mat­i­cally post any con­tent that con­tains “Nieman Lab” and “Matthew Battles” and “Gutenberg” and “alternate universe” and—okay you get the point. This basically just short-circuited the Snarkmatrix.


Somehow I’m imagining a half-dozen trip-wires getting set off, firing another dozen vuvuzela-sounding alarms, and you and I both jumping out of our concealed hiding spots in opposite bushes, only to accidentally hit each other in the face with gumballs fired from slingshots. Anyways, the mental version of that is what that bot just did.

I desperately want this to be 100% real.

Tim Carmody says…

Just wait until we get to the lawn games portion of SnarkTrek 2012.

Matthew Battles says…

…and me in a net, swinging upside-down from the tree, snared by a Snarkbot! Thanks, fellas.

Whoa, Matthew, good post.

I like how this just became a Looney Tunes cartoon. Seems about right.

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