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The Gawande graduation

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Tim says…

I think I can definitely say that I’m in search of the velluvial matrix too. For me, it’s a network of and language about ideas that illuminates everyday life across time.

Also, I love that Gawande closes with a version of one of our many slogans (which is, indeed, a Gawandean insight): “next time, bigger and more humble.”

Tim Carmody says…

By the way, has Matt ever given a commencement speech? (Robin and I both had the honor, in ’02 and ’01 respectively. Go State!)

I have not ever given a commencement speech, happily for others and sadly for myself. But I have thought there should be a Snarkmarket Commencement Speech collaboration of some sort.

It would be pretty awesome if someone actually started a New Liberal Arts college, got a class to matriculate and graduate, and then had y’all do some kind of crazy new media commencement event. You know. In case anyone isn’t too busy as it is.

Tim Carmody says…

Did you know that we (and Jason Kottke) blogged about a commencement speech Gawande gave last year?

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