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Little miracles of modern engineering

Jason Kottke praises one, where you think you might not find it:

Pampers Swaddlers Size N ($14). One of the biggest surprises about having kids was how well-engineered some of this stuff is. The size N diapers from Pampers are a marvel, one of the best-engineered “gadgets” I’ve ever run across…they rival the unibody MacBook Pro in this regard. The Swaddlers are thin, comfortable, fit snugly around the legs, oh-so-soft, and can hold what seems like 18 gallons of liquid.

I’m telling you — the evolution of underwear. I’m telling you.

April 22, 2010 / Uncategorized


Uh, how does he know that they’re “comfortable”??

Double Kottke link today! Nice.

Tim Carmody says…

JK’s been cooking lately. Maybe his little girl is sleeping through the night. 🙂

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