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Modeless innovation aboard the NCC-1701

Here’s Howard Weaver on “modeless innovation”—which I read as innovation deeper than the level of the technology or the device. I like it.

Also, not unrelated: earlier today, Howard tweeted this

I wonder if the geeks on the Enterprise NCC-1701 hate the fact that just anybody can talk to the computer to get things done?

…which is more than just a quip, I think. It actually made me stop for a second—scroll-finger frozen over my Twitter timeline—and go: oh, right. That’s the vision. That’s the future. I forgot!

WANTED: more/better visions of the future.


Nav Alang recently reminded me that I blogged about exactly this last year!

The answer = Scotty can talk, and Scotty can type. The difference between him and almost everyone else on the Enterprise is that he knows what to say.

Here is a more/better future for schools, by Gary Stager:

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