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A new (very) short story

Oh why hello, Snarkmarket. I know my posting has been positively Thompsonian lately. It will get better! But in the meantime, please accept this offering: a new very short story, written this weekend and flash-edited with the help of a few dozen Twitter peeps.


Tim Carmody says…

This demands a full taxonomy:

  • A Sloanian post can either be a short link (usually accompanied by a picture) or a longer manifesto. It conveys wonder at the universe, the people in it, and their creative possibilities. It sometimes comes in the form of a question. Frequency: High.
  • A Carmodian post has long, chunky paragraphs, multiple links (if you link to three or more posts on a subject, you’re getting a little Carmodesque), plus things like summaries of technical concepts (don’t be mislead – Robin and Matt are actually better at this than I am) and full taxonomies. Carmodian posts often convey skepticism, which is why they are among the rare Snarkmarket posts that may actually be snarky. Frequency: Medium, unless I’ve been recently been run over by a bus.
  • Thompsonian posts are like beautiful sunsets enjoyed on a weekday that (for some reason) you have off from work. You may not get them as often, but they can make you forget about every other day that week. They combine many of the best elements of Sloanian and Carmodian modes. Sometimes liveblogging is involved. Inevitably something new and cool is being announced. Frequency: Rare.

NB: All three modes are infectious, and every writer (and most of the commenters) at Snarkmarket can and does operate in any one of these modes in any given post.

I feel like I need to make a taxonomy of Snarkmarket commenters now. . .but alas, about 10 other obligations in the next 24 hours call. Perhaps on the plane.

There’s something awesome and meta about this comment, b/c by its very nature it DEFINES one of the taxa of Snarkmarket commenters: the kind who would write “I feel like I need to make a taxonomy of Snarkmarket commenters”…

Har, Sloan. Har.

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