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New collectives

I really liked Ryan Sholin’s Q&A with Rex Sorgatz not only because I like Ryan and Rex, but because it surprised me! It’s less about internet media and more about organizations, and Rex’s experimental new model.

I’m reading this mind-blowing book on the history of capitalism right now, and of course a big part of the story is the rise of a bunch of weird new forms of human coordination. Reading Ryan and Rex, I feel a little itch at the back of my brain: it’s happening again.

Also, at one point Ryan says…

I’m trying to go all Robin Hood’s merry men with the metaphor here, but it sounds more like an all-star posse of Robins.

…to which I reply: it is all about an all-star posse of Robins!


it is all about an all-star posse of Robins!

Ha. As someone who has a hard time not accidentally sending email to the wrong one of five close contacts named Robin (of whom you are only the most recent if most famous), I approve this reply.

Thanks! And although I was clearly thinking more Hood than Sloan, you’d definitely be on my short list of archers I’d want in my band. And that’s the end of this metaphor, until the Ridley Scott / Russell Crowe vehicle hype blows over.

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