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Snark by Snarkwest: Ev Williams & Umair Haque


Sad I missed it, b/c I love it when Snarkmarket is actually snarky. UH *is* a really smart guy, which is why I still follow him though his twitter stream is pretty much the most negative, ranty one on my follow list. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for him, like Danay Boyd’s Web 2.0 experience–and hopefully he’ll be as self reflective about it as she was.

Thank you Matt for covering these panels. It’s been invaluable for the information and much more entertaining in Matt-speak than following along on Twitter. This was my absolute favorite: “Ev’s demeanor seems to suggest he wants to do one of two things: 1) start scrolling through messages on his phone, or 2) start conducting the interview.”

Can’t wait for Snark Trek – I’ve got panel pitches prepared!

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