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Snark by Snarkwest: Face/Off

This was supposed to post before the session, but it apparently failed. Anyway …

Robin & Matt panel duel

Robin ticked off someone at SXSW and they don’t want anyone to see his panel on crowdfunding this morning. So they put his session at the same time as my panel on the future of context. Poor co-blogger.

Downside to us both being at the same time? We can’t live-snark each other’s session!


Like I said on Twitter, I’m in the soggy North by Northeast, so I can’t be there to fill in for either of y’all. (I thought Poynter’s Steve Myers did a good job with Matt’s panel.)

My only consolation is that my beard is bigger than both of yours’, put together. (I’d give photo evidence, but frankly, I’m scary.)

Great photo, but seriously? That’s really poor planning. It ranks up there with scheduling Clay Shirky & Jeff Jarvis at the same time, and would have bothered me more if I was there. (No offense Robin, but I would have gone to Matt’s.)

I’m telling you, Snarkonference needs to happen. I will bring pie.

See, according to @samanthabell1, Robin’s was “the best panel so far.” And I believe her. She was especially taken with Robin’s idea that you need to create “beats” in your story to keep backers engaged.

(God, wouldn’t it be amazing if Robin and Matt, just by accident, both happened to use the analogy of levels from Super Mario Bros. in their panels? So much betterness that would be.)

I will be agnostic and impartial about which of these two was the best, assuming that indeed they were tied. But I see Robin a lot more than I see Matt. 🙂

And by tied I mean, tied for best at SXSW of course. 🙂

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