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Every house is haunted


As established, I’m a Grant Morrison fan, but apparently I’m a bit out-of-the-loop because I didn’t know about his new project Joe the Barbarian. There’s a great preview and write-up over at Super Colossal. The series chronicles a teenager’s travels through his own house:

[…] the next seven issues […] will document parallel journeys through the house. One where we follow Joe descending through the house from the attic to the basement (where I am assuming his medication is?) and the other where he follows a Narnian/Wizard of Oz like adventure populated by his toys and the contents of the house.

And I love this bit of context from Morrison:

So like I said, it’s really quite grounded, because it’s all about this journey down from the attic to the basement of the house. And I think we can all relate to that, because man of us will have had those moments when we were sick or feverish and had to venture down to the kitchen to get something that would make us better. And we all know how difficult it can be to cross familiar ground if you’re weak or injured or delirious. The terrain of an ordinary home can easily become larger than life and apocalyptically meaningful.

What a great hook to hang a story on! There are shades of Toy Story and The Indian in the Cupboard here, or even Home Alone. It’s that same denaturalization.

Click through and check out the last panel. It alone makes me want—maybe even need—to check this series out.

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