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Quantum biology

Oh wow. Photosynthesis depends on quantum effects for its amazing efficiency:

The quantum wizardry appears to occur in each of a photosynthetic cell’s millions of antenna proteins. These route energy from electrons spinning in photon-sensitive molecules to nearby reaction-center proteins, which convert it to cell-driving charges.

Almost no energy is lost in between. That’s because it exists in multiple places at once, and always finds the shortest path.

Two things:

  • The lead researcher “predicts the emergence of an entire field of quantum biology.” YES.
  • The observations in this work were made with femtosecond lasers. Back in college, I worked in a femtosecond laser lab for a semester. These things are so insanely high-tech, and really one of the absolutely essential tools in modern chemistry. Think of a femtosecond laser as a camera with the fastest shutter speed ever. Events that would otherwise be bright smears are captured frame-by-frame, a quadrillionth of a second (!) at a time.

I find myself gazing at the vines on the cement wall outside the cafe here—now blowing in the wind and rain—with newfound awe. Quantum biology!


Hmm. On one hand I feel like all chemistry is dependent on quantum mechanics and so quantum biology is really not _that_ crazy an idea, but on the other hand: ooh, femtosecond laser spectroscopy of an intact room temperature photosynthetic cell. . ..that’s pretty great.

Rogerio says…

Smell (olfaction) can also be considered quantum biology. Look for Prof. Luca Turin’s research for this. An interesting article about it:

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