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Found Functions


It’s one thing to have a neat idea like this; it’s another to execute it so perfectly. The quiet images, the chalky lines… all just so. Click through for the whole series.

I think I’m going to go take walk on Clement Street now and hunt for parabolas.

(Via Nat Torkington.)


I had a thought about something like this a while ago. When we talk about things having “a mathematical structure,” we mean something like this — that its shape or motion or permutations can be described with a comparatively simple mathematical formula.

The simplicity is the key — because it’s so simple to describe, the formula appears to NAME what’s happened in some weird sense.

neuroblast says…

but alas the snark was a boojum. Are we talkin numeric onomatopoeia? Let x=x or murmur? Manor or grammar?

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