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Where's the spawn point?

Places that look like levels from first-person shooters:

Other nominations?


Brendan says…

Newtown Creek waste treatment facility in NYC:

While not an first-person shooter, the Giant’s Causeway could host a mean round of Qbert.

How about this photo I took of the Eiffel Tower?

@David: also Fingal’s Cave ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, actually Patty took that one :).

Yeah! I’ve been to Staffa. One of the coolest/weirdest places I’ve ever set foot.

That shot is wonderful. I love strange corners of familiar landmarks.

Actually, David, that Causeway looks exactly like an actual FPS level:

Here’s a good one that just happened through my RSS today: The deserted โ€œZenithโ€ Business Center in Russia

Jake says…

So there’s maybe five guys standing in a group down in the lobby underneath that pyramid, you gotta run out on those boards and lob a grenade through a broken pane and jump back before the boards sink into the toxic waste…

This effect is so striking when you find it!
A bunch of things jumped to mind, though they’re all a bit old:
A lot of military/industrial installations seem to fit the bill: low on detail, big on effects of space & scale, with features that evoke the uncanny.
Also, Fallingwater as a Half-Life 2 map.

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