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A new roost for @robinsloan

You saw this already if you subscribe to the feed, but I’ll repeat it here for others who might be interested: I’m going to go work at Twitter! The full story is over here.

Here’s something the snarkmatrix might be interested in. Talking about Twitter, and why I think it’s wonderful, I made this assessment (part of the link above):

Twitter makes me stop and think about language more frequently and more deeply than any other tech­nology in the world.

A little over-the-top maybe, and definitely untrue if you want to be pedantic and call writing itself a technology, etc. But! As I thought about it, I realized there was an essential truth to the statement. Nowhere do I ponder creative sentence construction and word choice more than inside the little box with the 140-character limit.

Snarkmarket blogging will be unaffected. And! It seems apropos to mention it: You can follow @snarkmarket on Twitter, too. It’s entirely redundant if you’re subscribed to the feed, but I know some people who like to track their favorites (ahem) over there, too.

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