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The secret genius of the MySpace shot

Another opus from the OkCupid data blog: this one is all about profile photos.

What I love is that any single one of the findings they present would have made a totally fine post. Totally link-worthy. But it just keeps going… and going… and going. Like they couldn’t stop themselves.

And then there’s this graph…


…which just about sums it up, doesn’t it?

There’s actually a really deep humanity to this post, and to the OkCupid blog in general. It would be easy to talk about this stuff in a really crass, cynical way. But instead, the blog overflows with charity and nerdy enthusiasm—for all of us and all the weird things we do.

(Via Dan.)

One comment

Your description rings exactly true to me, which is the only reason I ever paid them any attention–I knew they were founded by people from the original, and I felt strongly–in that very old internet kind of way–that they were good, smart, funny people. No substitute for that, really.

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