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Instrumented reading

This is basically a direct follow-up to my Snarkmarket post from the middle of 2009 titled The Post-Orwellian Future of Connected Books and Everything Else: I made a connected book! Well, sort of. In the most minimal way imaginable.

But I got the data, I plotted it, and… hmm. This instrumented reading thing might not be all its cracked up to be.

In all seriousness, it was an important step for me—from long-trumpeted theory to practical implementation. I’m still excited about the idea… but it’s going to take a more sophisticated (or more creative) implementation to actually deliver on, like, the premise.

But, if nothing else: the graphs are pretty!


I do like the way you’re headed here! The graphs remind me of paths in the snow—which, I recently realized, not only augment the story of a run in the woods, but furnish a host of altogether new stories.

Talk about stock. I read the original again and still enjoyed the “whack on the side of the head”.

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