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One blogger who’s been quietly humming lately on the curatorial front is Christopher Shea at Brainiac. Really smart choices, well-summarized, and he never hesitates to throw in a short comment, reaction, or question mark where it’s needed. It’s hard to pull off that balance, especially every day, but I think he’s been doing it really well.

Brainiac’s always been a go-to blog for me, but Shea’s consistency has bumped it from my “Ideas” folder to my “_must reads” (the underscore puts it at the top).


In some programming idioms, an underscore before a variable indicates that it’s private.

I do the same thing w/ folders — sometimes I even use double underscores to bump stuff up above the underscores, sheesh — and I always think of that extra implication. Sorta like: “MINE!”

Thomas says…

After years of doing it with iTunes playlists, I’ve now got many playlists with single and double underscores interspersed with spaces.

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