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What, is this a Tumblr now?


I don’t know; it just felt very Snarkmarket to me.


You know, I put it up there for you, so I’m glad you found it. It’s some variation on paleofuturism, a tangent perhaps. The imagined future inserted into the real past. (Ahhh… My mind!!!)

And I think it’s actually a better way to think about the future. That picture is a more likely future than Blade Runner, Mad Max, or Star Trek.

Spock didn’t drive no Buick. Illogical.

Touché. As I scrolled through my feed, I momentarily thought Reader was all screwed up!

Betty Ann liked this. ❤

Think he drove that car into a huge ravine?

unrelated, but i thought this was too beautiful and amazing not to share: — this also seemed like something snarkmarket would really like

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