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The boomslang

Ah! Doug Dorst is up at Five Chapters this week. He’s the author of the terrific Alive in Necropolis, and he’s off to a good start here:

Thirty inches long, bright green and black-beaded, with folding rear fangs: it was almost certainly a boomslang, they agreed, but for the matter of the anal plate, which ought to have been divided but wasn’t. The men were confounded; this snake was a taxonomical impossibility. The curator picked it up for a closer look, but he took his grip too far behind the head and the snake whipped around and struck, burying those rear fangs into the soft flesh at the base of his thumb.


Update: Part two is also great! THE GALLIWASP. This is my fave Five Chapters so far.

One comment

I’ve been meaning to read Alive in Necropolis for a while, but this just bumped it up into the stop-at-the-bookstore-tomorrow list. Which really needs to just not exist for me. It also, however, reminded me of this book which is in my too sad to read category. Might be good for braver souls.

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