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That's one crazy IRC channel

The U.S. military has all these drones in the sky above Iraq and Afghanistan; how do they actually monitor what they’re seeing through all those electronic eyes? Christopher Drew reports:

The operations, which now include 4,000 airmen, are headquartered at the base here, where three analysts watch the live feed from a drone.

One never takes his eyes off the monitor, calling out possible threats to his partners, who immediately pass alerts to the field via computer chat rooms and snap screenshots of the most valuable images.

“It’s mostly through the chat rooms — that’s how we’re fighting these days,” said Colonel Daniel R. Johnson, who runs the intelligence centers.

Broadband yes; toilet no. The future is insane hyper technology hooked up to a no-tech kludge. (Okay, I realize chat rooms aren’t exactly no-tech. But I’m sticking with the point.)


Mark says…

Surely this just demonstrates that IRC is a solid technical foundation? Just because we can make incredible spaceworthy alloys doesn’t mean that we can’t just use plain old copper when copper will do.

Good point! Don’t reinvent the wheel… or recode the chat room.


Maybe it also portends a different vision for bot warriors of the future: not implacable big dog mechs roaming a shattered landscape, but Turing-tested AI looking for patterns in the image feed. I think I prefer the former, purely from a stylistic standpoint.

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