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The CES of 1737

A bit about the Leipzig trade fair:

[...] the act of schlepping across a continent to a dealmaking extravaganza dates back to not long after Beowulf was written.

Did you know about Lapham’s Deja Vu blog? I did not! RSS’d!


rebekah says…

The title of this post in my reader instantly made me get all excited to reread the Baroque Cycle. Again. Definitely RSSing Deja Vu. Great find, Robin.

I am positive that in Asia, it dates back to much further than that. Can you imagine China without dealmaking extravaganzas?

Tim Carmody says…

Yeah, my first take on this was that the three-times-a-year fair in Leipzig was probably matched or beaten by the markets in Istanbul EVERY DAY.

But I actually don’t know enough about the early modern markets in Asia to know whether that’s the case, or if that would even have been the top place to go. I certainly didn’t know that Leipzig was the hot spot in Central Europe, and I know a lot more about 18th-century Germany than I do about the Near or Far East.

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