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'A nail-house parable'

Cool WSJ blog post on the reaction to Avatar in China:

In his post, titled “Avatar: An Epic Nail House Textbook,” [blogger] Li [Chengpeng] draws a comparison between the tree where the Na’vi live and the homes of people who resist eviction—known in China as “nail houses” because of the way they stick up out of would-be construction sites

I liked this line from Chinese writer Han Han:

“For audiences from other places, barbaric eviction is something they simply can’t imagine–it’s the sort of thing that could only happen in outer space and China.”

“Nail house”—what a great, evocative term. And some of these images are so dramatic. Check out the WSJ post, or the Wikipedia entry.

Of course, I’m just waiting for that house in the WSJ photo to explode into a mass of brightly-colored balloons and float away…

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