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Picking the pattern

Man, doesn’t this ring true?

[E]ver-less energy is needed to complete a single transaction, but ever-more effort is needed to agree on what pattern the transaction should follow.

[…] Businesses can expect to devote great intellectual capital on formulating, negotiating, deciding, forecasting, and adhering to emerging standards. The question “Which platform do we back?” will not be confined to PCs. It will be asked in regard to calendars, cars, accounting principles, and even currencies.

That’s Kevin Kelly, New Rules, 1998. Is there a book being written somewhere (anywhere) today that will tell us as much, as accurately, about the ten-years-away world? (Let’s write it!)

To calendars and cars we can of course add: books, movies, journalism—every kind of content. New work needs not only to tell a story, but to create a context for itself; to teach people a new pattern. Yikes!


If you unertake this book project and discover a need for the ballast of more years watching new rules emerge, I’m your guy.

How will we learn in the future? is the chapter I’d like to contribute. Get in touch. (Seriously.)

Did I miss this post the first time around? I read New Rules for the first time maybe four years ago, and thought it was brilliantly prescient. I gave a copy to my boss for Christmas one year.

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