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I just linked to a post there and it reminded me: is Liz Danzico’s site Bobulate not the best-designed blog you have ever seen? The typography! And those cool little floating side-notes!

I’d take some solace if it was one of those blogs where there’s like just one perfectly-designed post every five weeks or something. Alas, no. She posts a ton.


Tim Carmody says…

LOVE the marginal notes. Reminds me of early modern books / my handwritten notes scrawled in paperbacks.

All I can say is that if Snarkmarket enabled balloon asides, I’d use them All. The. Time. You’d be sick of ’em.

Thanks for the kind words, and a quick note that Jason Santa Maria masterfully designed the site.

When I sketched it out, I was quite enthusiastic about those sidenotes. I’ve always been delighted to find texts where sidenotes are a surprising narrative that not just support the text but stand alone. So much FUN.

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