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Mutual admiration society

Noah and Rex both gave Snarkmarket a mention in their respective best-blogs-of-2009 lists. This seems an opportune time to tell you that we love their blogs, too!

And in the spirit of blog recommendations, here’s a tiny grab-bag of blogs and blog-like-things that really grabbed me this year:

  • The Book Cover Archive is just so slick. Why are book covers more compelling than other more-or-less rectangular compositions? I don’t know. But they are.
  • today and tomorrow still has, for me, the highest hit-to-miss ratio of any design-ish blog. And that’s significant because Pieter posts a lot of stuff.
  • I can’t put my finger on Covenger & Kester’s aesthetic the way I can with t&t—but it’s consistently great.
  • I absolutely love what chinaSMACK is doing. This photo round-up is a great example.
  • You probably know about this one, but: Nat Torkington’s daily “four short links” post on O’Reilly Radar is a consistently interesting curation. It’s a good mix of deep, deep tech (e.g. hot links to new NoSQL databases!) and lighter fare (e.g. how a sketch becomes a typeface).
  • These are perhaps the most niche, but Peter Kirn’s Create Digital Motion and Create Digital Music are amazing hubs for a certain kind of tech-saturated, programmable art. And I love the focus on tools and techniques, not just finished content.


You know what’s funny about these lists: Why would I read them if I know you already are and you’re busy picking out the good stuff and posting it?

With that said, I’m going to go subscribe to all these. 🙂

Ha hahaha, totally. “Awesome! Please continue to curate and filter this content. As you were.”

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