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Pretty awesome alien cyborg warrior here:


Oh hey guess what IT’S A WATER FLEA. (And winner of the Olympus BioScapes image competition in 2009. I would not know how to judge this contest; all of the entrants are so stunning.)

Twenty-ten, we are so ready for you.


I still remember the 7th grade thrill of using a microscope to inspect the fleas from my biology teacher’s dogs, the cover glasses sealed to the slide with lurid red nail polish.The haphazard show-stringiness of it was what made it magical–I was like, YES! We are doing SCIENCE! Their exoskeletons have the weirdest shades of translucent brown in illumination.

Ah, the path once chosen and then exited via windy off-trail bush-whacking.

Nikon has a similar contest.

My preferred background picture is from a similar contest in 2005:

Check out the other pictures as well. Winner action category! Cancer cell movement! Salt & pepper! Paracetamol crystals!

Such pictures of scientific discovery really are timeless, aren’t they? It’s like looking at Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s flea today: (hilariously snarky description; “a certain learned gentleman… was very short sighted”)

p.s. Checking for typos I just realized that was a flea up there. Sleepless mind works wonders… Awesome!

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