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BYO Remix: Knights of the Magical Light

This one requires patience. First, start up the music:

While it runs through its creepy overture, drag the sound down on the video below. Then, when the music hits 0:32 exactly, press play:

You can stop the video around 0:30… or let it run until you get bored.

I had completely forgotten about this cartoon, but I totally loved it, and I’m pretty sure I owned many of the corresponding toys. It was a sort of techno-magical, post-apocalyptic King Arthur. After the suns went out (?) construction workers, scientists, and news anchors (!) all became weird warriors. Holograms were the big sell; the action figures came with holograms!

Here’s a link to the music; its native video accompaniment might actually be more edifying than the Knights of the Magical Light.

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