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Future Picture

You remember Dan Reetz, right? He of the DIY book scanner. Well, now he’s launched another totally fascinating, zeitgeist-y project. This one, Future Picture, is all about computational photography.

What’s computational photography? I actually haven’t been able to come up with a good one-sentence description yet; maybe you can suggest one. Suffice it to say that computational photography lets you do things like snap a photo and then focus it after the fact. Or make three different versions, each focused on something different. It actually gets kinda close to the classic let-me-just-enhance-that movie effect.

It’s related, at least philosophically, to James Cameron’s production technique for Avatar: rather than make your creative decisions up front—which way is the camera pointing? How fast is it moving? Where are the lights?—you delay them as long as possible. You capture the rawest data possible—huge torrents of it—and then rely on computers to manipulate and transform it later.

I’ll bet you could come up with some cool stuff by applying this approach to wildly different (and seemingly-incompatible) domains. Cooking? Health care? Relationships? Think abouuut it…

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