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The We Feel Fine Book

Talk about reverse publishing. One of the world’s most beautiful Web apps has been turned into a book. And it looks fantastic:

We Feel Fine book

I also love that they make it easy to embed pages, even if it’s just a simple linked jpg. (How fantastic would it have been if they’d let you embed an interactive widget from the book exploration interface they created on their site, though?)

Preordered. (Via @andrewhaeg.)


Whoa, I don’t think I had ever experienced the photo element. It reminds me of my old friend Indeterminacy, sort of the opposite–take a random photo and assign an emotional story. I wonder how much of the photography was hand curated, how much of it was simply searched . . .maybe one day the harvested feelings will automatically generate the pictures.

We definitely need more exciting embedable apps.

I have always been in awe of Johnathan Harris’ work. Have you seen his latest essay, on building virtual worlds?

I had not seen that. I loved it. Worthy of a post of its own.

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