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Three men, three melodies

Ah. I have to admit: these old TV news clips from the fall of the Berlin Wall made me feel nostalgic. Not for the event, which I can’t really remember. Mostly for the music, I think. The anthems of the nightly news. We’ll never see the world this way again—never through such a narrow tube. That’s for the better… but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the way these broadcasts felt, the way they sounded.

Hmm. Maybe more websites need theme songs…

Via Kottke.


Maybe more web­sites need theme songs… I was thinking this the other day also. I was actually showing someone your Annabel Scheme book cover as an example of some nice graphical features of Processing, and I realized that it was impossible for me to think about the art without the soundtrack from Boy Eats Drum Machine; that really what I wanted was for the web app being developed to have a soundtrack similarly evocative. But we used to do this, no? And it was really annoying. You would go to someone’s geocities page and it would start blaring midi music and samples of Godfather clips, and you would frantically hunt for the ShutTheMusicOFF button to click on. Band pages still have this of course, but that’s to be expected. It would be nice to think of a way to do this that goes beyond sound-to-go-with-music or background music.

Tim says…

Saheli’s comment was so thoughtful that it makes me a little ashamed to admit that the only theme music I thought of was the theme to “The A-Team.”

Not ashamed enough, though, I guess.

I do think it would be cool to do an ebook of “Wiseguy” with all of the music from “Goodfellas.”

I would also play Lego Goodfellas.

I need to watch some new movies.

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