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Telling stories with (but not exactly on) the iPhone

I think this iPhone-powered storybook is really clever. But maybe someone with a small child can tell me: Would a kid actually dig it?

(Or maybe: forget the kids. What’s the all-ages version? I like the idea of telling stories not just on screens but with objects [including big, rich, tactile books]. Could you construct some sort of apparatus that extended the iPhone’s capabilities? I’m thinking out loud here: maybe it’s a set of little electromechanical shadow puppets, controlled via a Bluetooth link to the phone. You download new stories via the App Store. Each has a soundtrack that plays through the phone, and the phone controls the servos that make the puppets dance and shake. You provide your own flickering light source. And your own cave wall.)


Tim says…

I think I can pretty definitively say that my two-year-old would think the rig shown in the video was awesome. I’d buy it today. (If it were reasonable.)

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