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CSS tech support

Psst. A little CSS help? If anybody can tell me why the top line, with the email form, is breaking in IE7… I will immortalize your name forever in the HTML source. <!-- Seriously. -->


I believe .signupform-extra needs an explicit height or at least an explicit line-height, to match the form. Try giving it a height and a line-height of 45px.

Err, didn’t realize that div was set to inline. Browser’s never agree on line-heights, and IE is especially fickle with block-level elements being set to inline. Floating is easier in this case. Replace

.signupform-extra {
display: inline;

form#mc-embedded-subscribe-form {
display: inline;


.signupform-extra {
float: left;
line-height: 47px;
.signup form input {
float: left;

You can see it working here:

And here it is in IE7:

Nooo! An unnecessary apostrophe slipped into that last comment!


Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Damn, Robin, I forgot you also have a separate blog. Nice design!

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