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The real sea change

Bob Stein at if:book, “Sea Change“:

There was a book sale outside the library at UCLA today. lots of wonderful paperbacks for 50 cents each. a year ago i would have bought a bag full. today zero. why? i do almost all my novel reading now on my iPhone which is always with me and which makes it easy to read at the gym, as opposed to print books which never lie flat.

This is funny. If I’d seen the same curbside sale of cheap paperbacks, I’d want to read them on my iPhone, too.

But I’d still buy a bag full, maybe two. Then I’d joint the books — cut the cover off and pull the pages apart, one by one — and run them through a two-sided scanner, OCR them, and save them as PDFs, HTML, etc., so I can make MOBI and EPUB and every other e-book format of them. Then I’d read them on my iPhone, my computer…

This is a two-step dance, folks.

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Mario says…

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think it’ll be really awesome if you could film yourself converting a book into a PDF, HTML, etc.

Jake says…

I’ll second that! Though a full HOWTO post or Instructable would be cooler than a video IMO. I have yet to see a comparison of consumer-level sheet-fed scanners vs. the DIY platen jobs in terms of cost, software usability, and time (including book repair).

Len says…

Whoa Tim, have you done that?

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