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BYO Birthday remix

In honor of Tim Carmody and Snarkmarket, which have their 30th and 6th birthdays today, respectively, here’s a DIY music/movie mashup courtesy of two others also born on November 3rd.

First, press play on this aria by Vincenzo Bellini (b. 11/3/1801), from his opera Norma:

While you’re enjoying that, pull the volume on this second clip down to mute. (The video comes from Snow White, whose chief illustrator was Gustaf Tenggren, b. 11/3/1896.) When Norma hits the 1:18 mark, press play:

Happy birthday to Tim, Snarkmarket, and all the other producers of beautiful things born on November 3.


Happy birthday to Tim and Snarkmarket! I probably don’t need to repeat how much I love this blog, so I won’t… wait. I just did. Ah well. 🙂

Matt, I love love love this new genre.

Bergamot says…

Happy Birthday, but that sounded terrible 🙂

Happy birthday(s), belatedly, to all of you—-I’ve said before, Snarkmarket is the only blog that kept me reading when I’d dropped all others.

I too love, love this genre Matt. Attentively watching the ticker on the opera counter to press the play button adds a whole new dimension to it. Now I have to explore the rest of this opera! Almost makes me wish I’d been born even earlier. . .

Just marvelous, Matt. What range your two selections demonstrate.

BTW, who was the singer? Norma is generally considered the jewel of the bel canto genre, and many of the the very best lyric sopranos have recorded it. I don’t recognize this one.

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