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Everything is amazing (and so is this)

It’s been fascinating to me to watch the circulation of this clip of Louie CK on Conan O’Brien, loosely titled “Everything Is Amazing And No One Is Happy.” The appearance is about eight months old (if anyone can track down an exact date, please let me know) over a year old, but I still regularly get links, embeds, forwards of it. What’s more, each highlights a different aspect — for some people, the clip is about the importance of thankfulness; for others, it marks generational change; it’s a good riff about the magic of new tech; and for still others, it’s a great attack on spoiled jerks.

Something about this resonates with people. It hit a sweet spot, and it’s on its way to becoming a modern classic.


Original clip from the Conan O’Brien Show last OCTOBER 2008.

Here is a great follow up with Opie & Anthony – LOLz!!!!

Louis C.K talks about how the video went viral, and then he was invited to do CONSERVATIVE MEDIA gigs, but he was busy.

Tim Carmody says…

Thanks for tracking the date, Apollo! I had thought that it was closer to the fall, because of the references to the economic collapse, but March was the earliest date I could find.

I would love him to go to those and then do his gay marriage schtick.

Tim Carmody says…

I think part of the reason why this took off is that you have Louie CK, an aggressively profane, indie-friendly, comedian’s comedian performing a clean, vaguely nostalgic routine. It’s an overlap of audiences — which is one reason why the video seems to be making so many circuits through so many different kinds of people.

Also, this is the key to the bit for me: he doesn’t just pick on brand-new technology like wi-fi and cell phones, but takes aim at air travel itself. It enlarges what he means by “this generation,” and makes the target virtually universal. Who hasn’t complained about a plane trip? You begin by saying “I hate those spoiled jerks too,” and you end by laughing at yourself.

Yeah, he really does get the tone just right.

I just watched it again (maybe viewing number five, total?) and it still makes me laugh out loud.

Tim Carmody says…

Also: Conan’s not exactly known for his skills as a straight man, but he is PERFECT during this bit; laughing, affirming, asking questions, pulling back, and every so once in a while, offering a witty take that keeps all the attention on Louie.

It reminds me of how Johnny Carson would play off of George Carlin or Don Rickles: so supportive, so elegant, almost invisible, but at the same time, a perfect touchstone.

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