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Less Java, more hair gel

You know I love simulations—the more generative and organic the better. But it would take a hell of a Processing applet to match the complexity and subtlety of images like these… which are just made from oil and food coloring:

They make me think of Darren Aronofsky’s use of microscopic photography in The Fountain. There are little universes in there:

Here’s the whole set. And, bonus! The photographer, Corey Holms, also designed Current’s logo. (Thanks to BA for the tip.)

More images like this—made with hair gel!—are here. I particularly like this one.

(Psst, Pieter, this is my official today and tomorrow submission of the week.)

One comment

Matthew Battles says…

Ah, this is paper marbling. I’d like to see paper marbling this inventive and surprising, though.

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