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I always feel like a dope linking to a NYT Mag cover story—it’s like, yeah, I noticed that, too—so instead I’ll make sure you know Dexter Filkins’ book, The Forever War, is also quite serious and quite good. It was sorta hailed as an instant classic when it came out, and it lives up to the hype.

His gift, if you ask me, is his agility on S.I. Hayakawa’s “ladder of abstraction.” One second he’s talking lucidly about grand strategy; the next he’s walking with a line of Marines on a dusty road. Both ends matter—one illuminates the other—and Filkins writes about both better than just about anybody.

Oh and P.S., Dexter Filkins gets my bet for the last reporter to ever get on Twitter. I feel like he would punch you in the face if you even said the word “tweet” to him.

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