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Media literacy and nebulas

Wow—Wired Science has been absolutely dominating the astrophotography beat lately. Here’s a feature that’s kin to one of those “behind the scenes at a magazine cover shoot” posts… except instead of Beyonce, it’s a nebula:


Looking at the original snap, and then at the final product, I am stunned, as always, that all that stuff is up there. You just need electronic eyes to see it.

Related: I’m not the only one who’s been re-watching Cosmos autotuned every 15 minutes, right? 675,000 views, and 2,000 of them are mine.


Thomas says…

The mp3 (link should be on the youtube page) is forever ruining my iTunes playcounts.

Every morning since you posted the link, I’ve started the mp3 playing as soon as I open my laptop for the day.

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