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I know half of my frosting is wasted… I just don't know which half

Media needs new metrics. Pageviews and unique users are too crude, too homogenized. They don’t capture the nuance, the humanity, or, frankly, the power of the best audiences on the web today.

So, you remember Daily Drop Cap. Of course you do. It’s lovely. And it’s six days old.

Someone baked a Daily Drop Cap cake.

You’ve already guessed it, haven’t you? I propose time-to-cake as a new media metric—sort of a proxy for virality and engagement. Also, sometimes, for deliciousness. So, in this case, Daily Drop Cap scores a TTC of 6, which is pretty awesome.


Bergamot says…

This is just a sneaky way to get someone to bake you a Snarkmarket cake isn’t it.

I have a hard time believing it hasn’t already been done.

I think if Snarkmarket could choose, we would choose pie.

Of course, you can convert TTP into TTC… you just have to multiply by the universal crust coefficient, etc.

grover says…

I dunno, you folks seem crusty enough as it is…

(Please save me, I just couldn’t pass that up)

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