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The book of the season

This made me laugh.

I know you’ve heard all about The Lost Symbol. But my friends, this is the book to watch!

It looks made-up, doesn’t it? Like, someone had to come up with the most inoffensive book title imaginable. I’m sure it’s a great book. I feel bad for making fun of it. But it did make me laugh.


I’m also just trying to figure out what the deal is with the pencils. Are we all over the place? Or well sharpened? When you prick us, do we not leave clean, neat graphite lines which we then apologise profusely for?

(Of course, you know the slight dig at Canada means that the forthcoming and long overdue ‘analysis’ of Mr. Penumbra will now have to be infinitely more negative and condemnatory… After all, if I’ve studied my history right, blind nationalism always works out for the best.)

It’s the combo, it’s the combo!–if it was “Blogging Behavior in Canada” it would be a different story.

Ahhh I’m just imagining it as a gift. “Honey! ‘Voting Behavior in Canada’! How did you know??”

I really do feel bad about making fun of the book now. Because, come on. I’ll bet there’s some good stuff in there. And a person who’s working on a book should not be in the habit of ridiculing books a priori, if only for basic karmic reasons.


Heh. Hope you know I was just being silly. And maybe it is interesting – after all, Canadians *have* been voting strangely for the last little while, propping up a Republican-style Conservative government who are simultaneously rendered powerless by not having a majority.

(Not really related, but question: would it be weird for me to ‘analyse’ Penumbra? I don’t mean evaluate or review – it’s just that it got my brains spinning and I’d sorta’ love to blog about it, even though it’s, by blog standards, ridiculously late).

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