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Silvers and Huffington

Gotta say, even though I’m not a huge HuffPo fan, I like the sound of this: a new books section produced in partnership with the New York Review of Books.

It’s almost weird how good the NYRB’s website is; you expect an institution like that to barely have a website at all, to be vaguely hostile to the notion. But nope, it’s great! Really, I guess the virtue at work here is minimalism—the articles are basically presented in print-this-page format. Smart text, no distractions: can’t go wrong.

But, like, their Twitter feed is really good, too! Somebody over at NYRB knows what’s up.

Anyway, the idea of turbocharging NYRB ideas with everything that HuffPo knows about web traffic—getting them in front of HuffPo’s huge audience? This could be interesting.

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